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World Hack Zone is excited to partner with Girls in Tech, Girl Geeks, MS, Apple, Google, AT&T, Whole Foods, 365, Dell, Women & Tech, UN, and … in honor of International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s economic, political, and social achievements. This is a special day because of the incredible contributions women have made to technology — from Ada Lovelace to Anita Borg. Our technology gets better when we have a diversity of perspectives, ideas, and cultures included. We strive to create the most inclusive workforce on the planet, and by encouraging girls to be themselves and supporting them in their interests and passions, we’re able to do amazing things that matter.

To celebrate this day, we’re doing something magical that matters on a global scale: attendees are invited to “hack” on a real issue facing real women, and develop a technical solution in small groups to be presented and judged. 

This innovative events will be held worldwide ( London, Dallas, Berlin, China, NY, Athen, Paris…. ) and will feature an all day hack, followed by presentations, and finally an awards ceremony and reception.

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